V.N.M ETF: TCH shares unexpectedly on the list

(Updated: 9/12/2017)

TCH share of Vietnam was added with a weight of 2.39%. In the opposite direction, HBC shares of Vietnam were eliminated with a weight of 1.22% at December 08th.

In the early morning of December 9th of Vietnam Time, MV Index Solutions (MVIS) announced two new shares (one Vietnamese share) listed in the MVIS Vietnam Index and two shares (one Vietnamese share ) is out of the index calculation.

Accordingly, TCH shares of Vietnam and 025320 KQ shares of Korea were added with the weight of 2.39% and 3.81%, respectively. In the opposite direction, HBC shares of Vietnam and  AT shares of Australia were down by 1.22% and 1.05%, respectively.

Eliminated two shares have the lowest weight as at 08/12/2017. The inclusion of TCH shares of VNM ETF on the fourth list in 2017 is completely outside the prediction of experts.


Price movements of TCH shares in the last 3 months


Thus, with the addition of 2 shares and elimination of 2 shares, the number of shares in the MVIS Vietnam Index remained unchanged at 25 shares. Of which, Vietnam's shares were still 18 with the largest weight of VNM and VIC with 8%, followed by ROS with 7% and NVL with 6.5%. The number of foreign stocks remained unchanged at 7.

The total weight of Vietnamese shares fell to 72.9%, compared to 74.8% in the last index list.

Because the latest weight as at December 8th of Vietnam shares is 77.38% , next week, VNM ETF is expected to sell 4.48% of portfolio to ensure the proportion which has just been announced.

It is expected that the VIC (US $ 7.31 million), MSN (US $ 5.44 million), and HBC (US $ 4.07 million) shall be sold the most. On the contrary, the most bought shares include TCH (US $ 7.98 million), NVL (US $ 2.1 million) and SBT (US $ 0.73 million).

Change of componenet shares of MVIS Vietnam Index –a reference index of VanEck Vectors Vietnam ETF (V.N.M ETF) will take effect after the close of trading on Friday (December 15) and shall be officially traded from Monday (18/12).


Forecasts on the value of stocks to buy / sell next week

Source: Market Vectors Index Solutions GmbH, Van Eck Global, VietstockFinance

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