DongFeng Truck

DongFeng trucks are China's most famous truck for fuel saving, powerful engines, longevity, low cost of repairs, and competitive prices compared to the similar counterparts. As a subsidiary of Hoang Huy Investment Services (TCH), Hoang Huy Services JSC (HHS) is the authorized distributor of DongFeng trucks nationwide with the trademark of "Hoang Huy DongFeng".

With a one-year warranty and a 100,000 km limit for all truck loads, Hoang Huy Dongfeng ensures that the quality of the product offered to the customer is absolutely superior to all existing products on the market.

Hoang Huy DongFeng truck:

- Cabin is designed with modern aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance.

- The front bumper and grille are elegantly designed with more ventilation slots to cool the engine.

- The view from the large cabin provides the optimum viewing angle and vision.

- Spacious cabin space.

- The seat can be adjusted automatically to suit the driver and the passenger.

- Steering wheel, radio and CD, the display is designed to be simple to read.

- Bed design is very convenient for the driver when traveling long distances.

- Air conditioner is equipped under the car to help users feel most comfortable.

- Lighting system and beautiful lamp with modern design.

- The car is squarely designed to give a firm, solid for all products.

- The large rear wheel helps the vehicle to travel on the Vietnamese terrain easily. 

You need to buy Hoang Huy DongFeng car, please contact the information:

Hotline: (+84) 904 383 886


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